Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm home sick today and i'm sooooo bored! So my weekend was not as fun as i'd hoped, but it was okay. I tied for 3rd place at seminary bowl, which i don't think was very good. The dance on Saturday was a long story, but i have a ton of time to do nothing so i'll tell it anyways. We go all the way to Rocklin for our dances because our Stake dances were lame and no one went. I got a ride w/ my friend and my other friend came with us. We were planning to get there at like 7 so we could eat dinner bc the dance started at 8:30 (or so we thought). So were all casual dressed and we drive up to the church and we see girls in skirts and dresses and guys in shirts and ties. We thought they were just wearing it for no reason, but my friends mom went to see what was up and it was there Youth Conference so they weren't expecting us to even be there! They said they were having a dance at 8:30 and that we could go even though we were casual. So were all embarassed and i call another girl from our stake to see if she thinks it's casual which she does. We didn't tell her it was formal bc then we'd be the only ones casual. So we just wait for our stake to start showing up in there casual wear and we go in at 8:30 and find out there having a speaker and he's not done yet so we have to wait another 45 stupid minutes. So basically i was there for 2 1/2 hours waiting for this dumb dance to start. It was WAY too hot in the gym, and the dance was till 11. It wasn't the best dance ever.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Idk if anyone even noticed but Jason, my love, is no longer on my blogspot :(. For some dumb reason the site I got the song off of won't play it anymore. So i got the version of the original guy doing it bc i still love the song. But how cute was he last night? It's kind of sad Carly went home though, but i'll get over it. Leona Lewis did AMAZING last night, i lover that song. Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! WOO-HOO! I have seminary bowl tomorrow night (which i will dominate), and then a church dance on Saturday night. I will be so busy having fun. So did anyone else watch the Jonas Brothers on Oprah? They were so cute. Hm...what else is new? I guess nothing so...bye

Monday, April 21, 2008

Alright, the first day of testing is over!!! I actually thought parts were kind of tricky hopefully they don't like hold me back a grade or something jk. I just found out today that our Europe Trip for choir is on spring break '09, and were going to........IRELAND!!!! I was hoping for something warm and sunny like Greece or Italy, but thats okay I will settle for anywhere in Europe. My mom thinks she's going with me, funny huh. jk I don't really care whether she goes or not, as long as she's not with her sisters she doesn't embarass me. Yikes, I hope she doesn't read that. UGH I have math and bio for an hour and a half tomorrow, and more English testing. It was sooooo cold today! I was expecting it to get all hot so I could take off my sweatshirt, but no. I hate when it's sunny and cold because then you wake up and think you can wear shorts and flip-flops, but you are totally deceived. Now I have to go find something to wear tomorrow. I'm definatly ready to put my winter clothes away....forever. I am so bored, and I have to do a poster on pneumonia, how gross. I should probly go practice my piano now...ugh

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Okay so yesturday was sooo boring. Our choir didn't do as well as we could've. In festivels they give you a superior, excellent, or just good. Obviously superior is the best. Well, even though me and our pianist thought we didn't do very well, we still got a superior. Oh well, i don't know what the judges were hearing but who cares. I just got home from church and I am soooo tired. Tomorrow we go back to school, and back to early morning seminary...ugh. We have stupid STAR testing tomorrow, biggest waste of my life ever! It's part of living in California though, all last week we had to take the "no child left behind" test. Those were even more dumb. All of our classes tomorrow are and hour and a half long! Ugh my spanish class is WRETCHED and i have to be in it forever. I'll just have to think about some kind of i won't have homework otherwise i'll be sooo mad.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Finally! I figured out how to put music on it and stuff. Well now everyone that looks on my blog can enjoy my favorite song by Jason Castro. I am soooo glad that Kristy Lee is gone! So is my mom if you can't tell by her blog. That was pretty tricky what they did though, I almost thought that Jason was in the bottom. Brooke's days are definatly numbered, she sounds the same every time she sings. I think David Archuleta will win the whole thing, or at least he better because he is the best singer on the show. Um..what else, I guess I'm kind of glad that Aly won the Biggest Loser, I wanted Curtis and Mal to do better, but he lost a ton of weight. The Office was pretty funny last night. Lost wasn't on this week, and neither are Ghost Whisperer and Numbers. Wow, i watch a lot of t.v. lol. I mean I get everything done, and I have at least 3 meetings every week for my job on council, but somehow I still get a lot of t.v. time in. Thats probably not a good thing lol. Today was a NO SCHOOL DAY!!! But I have a choir festivel all day on Saturday, so I don't know if I would really consider this a 3 day weekend but oh well.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Okay now I am officially responsible for 2 blogs so...if it's not super up to date, don't be mad. I needed to follow the crowd and start my own. Plus now i don't have to speak for my whole familia. I'm just adding to the crazy amount of meltons that will start this cool trend. Well now I know a little more about these things, so i'll just start adding random things. If mines better than the family one don't be mad, k mom....jk.