Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Summer and stuff

okay, i will admit. the trek wasn't that bad. i guess it seemed worse when i was on it, but looking back, it was a good experience. i got stuck in a family with no one i knew, because my friend bailed on me last minute. so i thought that was gonna be a huge bummer. the first day was, because i didn't know anyone and it was so hot and walking in a skirt over bumps was so hard! i had to like change my stride and then it made my hips so sore. and the food...was questionable. the whole first day was just kind of awkward. but after that it got much better. i found a good way to walk that didn't hurt so bad. but i was sooo dirty! it was ridiculous. my hair was like crunchy from the sweat and dirt. i was so happy to take a shower. that night coming back was the best part. so now with the trek over my summer is pretty much done. the county fair is started so now its really over. i go get my locker and schedule tomorrow, so i'll let you know whats on it. senior year here i come!!