Monday, October 12, 2009


Today is a very special lady's birthday. My mom. Since she saw me doing this, its not a surprise. I had to look through all the pictures I could find and get her to allow me to post them. Let me tell you, finding pictures of her was not easy. Although she is soooo pretty, she hates getting her picture taken. What a shame. But the ones that do get snapped are always beautiful. Looking through those pictures was like a blast from the past. I got to remember all the 16 years I've got to spend with her. This is my last year with her at home, and I know I'll call her everyday. But I'll miss her like crazy. She's my favorite person in the whole wide world. I love her to death, and would do anything for her. She has helped me become the person I am today, and she sets an amazing example to follow. I know that when I'm a mom (someday far, far away) I want to be just like her. She's my best friend. Happy Birthday Mom!!