Wednesday, December 22, 2010


christmas is coming
i haven't blogged in so long
i graduated high school
now i'm in college
a lot has happened

i now am a freshmas at BYU in the small town of provo, utah. i am a big girl now. i live in an apartment-style dorm with five other girls. yes, five other girls. it has been quite the transition from living with five boys and a mom to living with five girls...and no mom. i like to think i'm doing pretty well. except two of my roommates already moved out. we had a little disagreement. i'm not a very good at handling disagreements. but they have moved out either way. two new girls have moved in, and things are better.

its funny how you think you have everything figured out, and then come to realize things change. i still don't know what i want to be, but i'm having fun figuring it out. i'm pretty sure i come up with something new every day. my mom's probably getting sick of me telling her all the different things i want to do.

i'm home for the holidays, which is the nicest thing ever. literally nothing is as good as home. i love christmas. its my favorite time of the year. i have watched a different christmas movie about every other day. they're always on tv, and i stay up watching them. tonight, its deck the halls.

i'm going to try and keep up on blogging. this past semester i spent a lot of time doing nothing, now i can use that time to actually do something.

things i have done this year:
hiked the Y
kidnapped a duck
changed my major
went crazy on Black Friday
hung lingerie on our door as a decoration
got called as ward choir director
went to the ready set concert
applied for at least ten jobs
got a debit card
read the hunger games series
did ten hours of service
ate at jdawgs
tried graham canyon ice cream (best.ever)
went without a cell phone/ipod/internet for a long period of time (more than once)
bombed my american heritage final
discovered the joys of airport security, learned how to avoid the creepy scanners
survived the blizzard of the century
finally bought some sick nike hightops
baked ridiculous amounts of cookies
had a huge crush on a super cute t.a.
got angry and yelled at my roommate, then pretended i had been sleep-talking
wished i had a bedtime
spent hours watching tv on my laptop
avoided the library at all costs
missed nevada county
skyped my best friend
got holes in my shoes
laughed way too much



Friday, May 7, 2010


Well lets see, I have not blogged for like a century. It's not like you don't know anything that happened, since I have facebook you can kind of see whats goin on. But I don't really get to tell the stories and stuff like I do on a blog. So I'm back on for now. My senior year is coming to an end soooo fast. I have my senior project presentation coming up really fast. For those of you who do not know what that is, it's some dumb project every senior has to complete in order to graduate. You have to pick something that interests you and do it for 20 hours. I picked "Volunteering at the Hospital" thinking it would be fun. Unfortunately it is the most boring thing ever. I stand around and do random things they need like restock gloves or get ice water or straws. This year has been the year of laziness + procrastination. I probably have the most absences ever recorded in history. This applies to school, seminary, and days I was supposed to work at the hospital. So now I have 12 hours of service and another 8 to finish in a week... not good. I will figure it out though. The most stressful week is the week of Sunday the 16th- Wednesday the 19th. Sunday I have my Young Womanhood Recognition, which I have yet to finish. Tuesday I have an all day festivel in Napa called the Golden State Festival, its kind of a huge deal. Then Wednesday I give me senior project speech. But after that I am donnnnnne. That Friday we have our Senior Picnic and then the next night is Senior Ball (of which I have a story regarding, I just need to wait and get some pictures). Then graduation is on the 12th of June. I cannot wait.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Today is a very special lady's birthday. My mom. Since she saw me doing this, its not a surprise. I had to look through all the pictures I could find and get her to allow me to post them. Let me tell you, finding pictures of her was not easy. Although she is soooo pretty, she hates getting her picture taken. What a shame. But the ones that do get snapped are always beautiful. Looking through those pictures was like a blast from the past. I got to remember all the 16 years I've got to spend with her. This is my last year with her at home, and I know I'll call her everyday. But I'll miss her like crazy. She's my favorite person in the whole wide world. I love her to death, and would do anything for her. She has helped me become the person I am today, and she sets an amazing example to follow. I know that when I'm a mom (someday far, far away) I want to be just like her. She's my best friend. Happy Birthday Mom!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Summer and stuff

okay, i will admit. the trek wasn't that bad. i guess it seemed worse when i was on it, but looking back, it was a good experience. i got stuck in a family with no one i knew, because my friend bailed on me last minute. so i thought that was gonna be a huge bummer. the first day was, because i didn't know anyone and it was so hot and walking in a skirt over bumps was so hard! i had to like change my stride and then it made my hips so sore. and the food...was questionable. the whole first day was just kind of awkward. but after that it got much better. i found a good way to walk that didn't hurt so bad. but i was sooo dirty! it was ridiculous. my hair was like crunchy from the sweat and dirt. i was so happy to take a shower. that night coming back was the best part. so now with the trek over my summer is pretty much done. the county fair is started so now its really over. i go get my locker and schedule tomorrow, so i'll let you know whats on it. senior year here i come!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SUMMER...and stuff...

This summer has been pretty good so far. after school got out, i didn't do much of anything, but after a couple of weeks we went to utah. that was fun. then i had to come back for girls camp. that was not fun. we got new people to do the food this year, and they supposedly own a catering company. i would never get catered by them. i was so excited for the food, and it was disgusting. before we had a lady do it, and it was always pretty good. the first night was chicken tetrazzini, and i had no idea what it was so i texted chacha (its what you do when you have no computer, you ask a question, it sends you the answer) and it said it was a pasta dish with mushrooms. so it sounded pretty good (minus the mushroom part) and i love pasta so i was pretty stoked. but it turned out to be the most disgusting thing ever. the noodles were crunchy and watery, and the chicken was boiled and flavorless. so the first night i couldn't sleep cuz my leg was hurting, and then i was trying not to throw up the nasty dinner. me and my friend lauryn ate cheezits for dinner every night cuz the food was so gross. finally girls camp ended. oh btw, i dont think i ever missed my mom so much in my life, and i was sooo excited for her to pick me up, and then she didn't even come. i got a ride with some else. so i cried.. yep. so then after girls camp i was so excited cuz we were supposed to be going back to utah. but then i guess we weren't. but then at the last minute we went. it was a fun little trip. and for the fourth of july i got to work at the stadium of fire!! it was only fun cuz we got to see the JONAS BROTHERS. and i also discovered i could never work in customer service. i have no patience for people. so now i'm at home, waiting for my next adventure...trek. and lucky for me! the lady that did camp food is now doing trek food. so i guess it'll be cheezits for dinner again. YUM.