Friday, August 22, 2008


okay so kenyan was really vague so i'm gonna expand on our little experience. so my mom had just picked us up from school and kenyan got in the drivers seat bc he needs hours for his license. we were driving along and saw a car that was for sale, so he turned around in a little driveway and started going back. so we were going to turn around on a side street, and we were stopped and turning left. all of the sudden we hear this skidding and i'm thinking "what the heck is wrong with this car?" but then some idiot of a human being crashed into the back of us. i guess thats whats called a rear-end.

i'm pretty sure we all got a little minor whiplash, but our car is like a freakin rock and this was the dumb lady's car

haha jk jk. her car just had a big ugly dent in it. but thats what she gets. so anywhoodles, my momma called the 911 and they seriously sent 50 million cars. they just kept coming and coming for these two cars in a little fenda-benda. me and kenyan were just laughing our heads off bc there were like 2 firetrucks, an ambulance, and like 5 different fire cars and police cars. they were pretty legit though. my mom wanted to get kael checked out so we got to ride in the ambulance. it was pretty saweet. i was kinda scared to take a picture in it, bc i didn't know if i was like allowed to, so my pictures are really lame.
this is kael... holding the emt's hand.and the emt blew up his balloon to entertain kael.

good times, good times.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


michael phelps did it!!!!!! not that i ever doubted that he would. he beat mark spitz record and won 8 gold medals in single olympics. he is sooo amazing!!! i'm so glad that he beat it, i think that he worked really hard for it. even if a couple of the races were a close call, i think he deserved it. this was definatly the most intense and enjoyable olympics i've watched my whole life. i'll miss seein him swim soooo much. i wish it were like an every day thing lol. i love him!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

That was an OMG moment!

okay i'm super into swimming because i swam a ton when i was little. i've seen a lot of races in my day, but NOTHING compares to the men's 4x100 free relay last night! idk how many ppl watched it, but i am so glad i didn't miss that history in the making. if you haven't seen it yet, go on youtube or wherever you can find it, and WATCH it! it was amazing. the french team was talking trash, and i thought for sure that we were gonna take 2nd but jason lezak who is freakin amazing caught up and passed alain bernard on the french. ugh best race i've ever seen by far!!!

here's the fab 4. michael phelps (of course), cullen jones, garret weber-gale, and jason lezak

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I AM SOOOO MAD!!!!!!!!

Okay, so let me be the first to blog about this. Last night at roughly 9:57 p.m. pacific time a man named Stephen Boss aka "Twitch" got JIPPED!!!! I cannot believe he didn't win. i do not like joshua one bit. ugh that finale was jank and suckish.

Here's a picture of the man that should have won.... and a picture of the top 4: twitch, katee bleh, courtney bleh, and joshua*BLEH*

Monday, August 4, 2008

okay, okay i will blog now :) sry i've just been so LAZY this whole summer. ok so here it the end of June i finally decided to cut it all off. it was a hard decision, but one that i don't regret. it was a lot of hair that i took off but its all good bc i like the change. so heres a couple of pictures of it. they were taken a couple weeks ago but i've gotten it cut again so its a tiny bit shorter, but it looks pretty much the same.

okay so there ya go! hope you enjoy :)

oh and btw jayni......................i was twikatie before there was even a twitch


jk :)