Wednesday, October 29, 2008

if i were chinese....

halloween is comin up so fast, and i don't really know what i'm gonna be. well i do, but if that doesn't work then i need a back up plan. its gonna rain here which sucks pretty dang bad. rainy halloweens are the worst. so anyways i was brainstorming in my head of like popular things that came out this year and what-not, and i thought, dang if i were chinese i would soooo be kailan. for those of you that haven't had the pleasure of watching Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, i'm so sorry bc its probably the best animated in the history of animated shows. and they owe it all to the theme song. if you haven't heard it, go on youtube right now and listen to it. its the best...ever. so let me introduce you to her amazing pets with amazing names. here we go.

This is Kai-Lan.

This is Tolee.

This is Rintoo, he's a tiger.

This is Hoho, he likes to DJ

Unfortunatly, i couldn't get a picture of Lulu by herself, but she's the pink rhino.

There's also YeYe, San San, Meme, Gu Nai Nai,
oh but don't let me forget my absolute favorite. Kai-Lan's last animal friends is......guess..........Howard, the owl. i bet you did not guess that.
i just love their inconsistancy with the chinese names, it's the absolute best part of the show.

Monday, October 13, 2008


i know, my post is a little bit late. today was my mom's birthday. i love her so dang much. i look up to her so much. she is such a good example of being an incredible mom and wife, and shes always willing to do anything to help. she's so patient, and she has so much faith. i strive to be like her every day. i'm so blessed to have her as my mom, and even though sometimes i don't listen to her.....i love you mom!!! i'm so glad that i'm able to be your daughter.


Saturday, October 11, 2008


for any of you that don't know what powderpuff is, let me explain. Powderpuff is when a bunch of junior and senior girls get together, put flags on and kill each other....while throwing a football. It's supposed to be a junior team vs a senior team in NO contact flag football. ha like that happens. its what girls look forward to being juniors for. the boys are cheerleaders (usually it ends up being really weird guys that nobody wants to see in a skirt) and football players coach the girls team. its a tradition, and the seniors always win. but not this year. they talked so much crap about the juniors, but the juniors ended up winning. it's also a tradition that every homecoming week it is in the 80's and sunny until the day of the powderpuff game when it drops to about 37 degrees and we have to sit out in the cold and watch for an hour. i wish i could've taken some pictures, but i don't have a camera. i didn't get to play this year, thanks to my mother, but next year i'll play and hopefully i'll have a camera by then. so we had our homecoming game also last night. we won 77-7. ya it was a blowout. it wasn't even fun to watch. we were up like 60something-7 by the first half, and in the 2nd half no starters went in. it was kind of sad, and it was not enjoyable. a ton of people left at half time. oh, and did i mention it was like 30 degrees? yep it was the second coldest thing i've ever sat at for a long time. our homecoming is tonight, but i'm too tired and lazy to get ready, so i'll just wait for a while. the homecoming court was announced at half time last night, this is the only picture i got. i stole picture of the jr powderpuff team off my friends facebook.