Monday, October 13, 2008


i know, my post is a little bit late. today was my mom's birthday. i love her so dang much. i look up to her so much. she is such a good example of being an incredible mom and wife, and shes always willing to do anything to help. she's so patient, and she has so much faith. i strive to be like her every day. i'm so blessed to have her as my mom, and even though sometimes i don't listen to her.....i love you mom!!! i'm so glad that i'm able to be your daughter.



jodi kay said...

She looks so happy to be in that picture! Ok, maybe not! You are lucky to have her as your mama! Happy Birthday big sis!

Joy :) said...

I HATE having my picture taken. But, thanks Katie. That was very nice of you to put this up. I wasn't expecting it at all.

Micalanne said...

Happy Birthday Joy! What a sweet post Katie! You guys are lucky to have each other!

Jamie said...

Momma looks so pretty she is so cute!
ALL of you are beautiful, makes me sad i didn't get any oreo cake:(