Monday, March 2, 2009


I'm in english 3 honors at my school, which is just like a.p. english. my teacher, mr. cartan is a person, and he sure does know how to throw a party. the juniors at my school all read THE GREAT GATSBY in english. in mr.cartan's class, he rents out the building where we have prom, the miner's foundry, and we have a gatsby party. for all of you who hav never read the book, its actually a very good book. the character JAY GATSBY throws these fantastic parties in hopes one day the woman he loves will walk in. so the two periods of english 3H get to do all the work, while the alumni from his other 3H classes years before just get to enjoy the night of fun. this year, the theme was Las Vegas (which is obviously a popular theme because Casino Royale was just voted as our Jr. Prom theme). After much controversy over the theme (a lot of the girls didn't want it to be dirty like the real vegas), it was finally set in stone. I did absolutely nothing to help, but don't judge because i can't drive so its so much harder to run into town for everything that you need to buy. anyways, the miner's foundry is decorated, and everyone comes in their 20's attire to enjoy a fun night. They serve sparkling cider in champagne glasses and people swing dance. For the first quarter of the night, our school's jazz band plays, then its mr. cartan's selection of 20's swing music. The rest of the evening is our music/dancing. Well I took a while to get ready, and ended up missing the jazz band and a lot of the swing dancing (darn...). thanks to jodi for making me an adorable headband :). these pictures are some my mom took, and some i stole off of peoples facebook.