Thursday, December 18, 2008

Check it out now...

Last Friday i went to my friend Shayna's house so i could go with her to her ward's christmas party. that day it was decided by someone (who knows who came up with it) that thursday was going to be "Ugly Christmas Sweater Day" probably inspired by the new drake and josh christmas movie where they have an ugly christmas sweater party. well, i just had to be in on this dress up day, so me and shayna went around to different thrift stores in search of the ugliest christmas sweaters we could find. now, believe me, we have a TON of thrift stores here. no d.i., but a lot of hospice ones and a big salvation army. our first stop was the salvation army, and they have some of the ugliest clothes i've ever seen, but you know i was grateful that i didn't have to shop there regularly. they did, also have some kinda cute things, or at least things that could be cute in a kind of funky way. well everything there was kind of gross, and we didn't find any real christmas sweaters, so we went to the next stop. this was a little hospice thrift store, and we weren't expecting to find much. but as soon as the door opened, we layed our eyes on the most wretched sweaters i've ever seen. they were perfect. so of course we grabbed them, 2 for $4, what a deal. so we decided to wear them to the christmas party. on friday nights, our little city of grass valley, which is the cutest little mining town ever, has whats called "cornish christmas". they block the main streets off and people dress up, they have a nativity seen and people have little booths to sell things. its so much fun. well before we went to the christmas party, we decided we needed to make our outfits even uglier, so we went to the dollar store and tried to find ugly glasses, but they only had kinda cute ones. well we got a pair and popped the lenses out bc neither of us need glasses then we were off to the partay. the grass valley ward (which is the ward shayna is in) has a lot of older people, and they didn't get our little outfits, and all thought the sweaters were so cute. and then we saw a lady that had a sweater just like ours and the SAME glasses. she probably didn't think we were very funny. well anyways, today was the official day and me and shayna wore our sweaters. only like 5 other people wore them, but thats okay bc ours were the best.

at the party.

Monday, December 8, 2008


well, i figured maybe people wouldn't want to read about michael phelps's nasty picture anymore (not to mention now he has a NASTY gf to go along with it) they both take gross pictures so maybe thats why they like eachother bahahah. oh well, he's goin on down the drain. well anyways... my grandparents came up to visit us from texas on thursday and spent the weekend with us. it was really fun, and i hope they come again sometime soon :) i wish i had pictures, but i unfortunatly do not. we went to kenyans basketball game, which was at 8:30pm on a school night and an hour away (i'm such a rebel) well it was an AMAZING game. we were down 15 in the 4th quarter and then we caught up and beat the other team in overtime. my very own brother had 24 pts. i love love love going to the games. i look like the little girl from remember the titans though (if you don't know what i'm talking about then go watch the movie and you'll understand), i get so into them. there next couple of games are all far away on school nights, but i don't care. they are so worth being dead tired the next day. if only my mom would let me go... jk i'd need a ride anyways and those are hard to come by when the games 2 hours away. maybe i'll get lucky. i hope the team dominates, but i know they will cuz they hav some mighty fine players. i meant that skill wise...

Friday, November 21, 2008


Okay, everyone should now by now that i am a HUGE michael phelps fan. i love love love him. he was recently in people magazines issue that stated the "100 sexiest men alive". for those of you that haven't seen his picture in it, don't waste your time. my friend told me that he was in it so we went to go look at it and it is one of the most disgusting pictures ever. i could not believe he would pose in a picture like that. it was the most unattractive photo of him i've ever seen. it almost makes me like him less..almost. i wish he would've drawn a line there and not taken the picture. sorry i know people are probably going to want to go look at it, but don't it makes him look disgusting and i'm embarassed for him that tons of his fans are gonna go look at it and be grossed out, or at least the mormon ones haha jk.

he should stick to these candid shots of himself there cute :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

oh's time

okay, so i guess that some people could argue that november 9th is a little early to put christmas music on your blog, but you know what i say to them? too freakin bad. i start listening to christmas music as soon as november starts, and i don't stop till i see the sun again on a regular basis. which is usually around february. oh and i don't listen to anyone but josh groban...and occasionally mariah carey. but mostly josh groban because he's my favorite person in the world. i think he has the most amazing voice ever. he's cute too. i LOVE him. thats how he'll smile on our wedding day. jk. not really.

If you haven't bought this cd yet, you are missing out......big time.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

if i were chinese....

halloween is comin up so fast, and i don't really know what i'm gonna be. well i do, but if that doesn't work then i need a back up plan. its gonna rain here which sucks pretty dang bad. rainy halloweens are the worst. so anyways i was brainstorming in my head of like popular things that came out this year and what-not, and i thought, dang if i were chinese i would soooo be kailan. for those of you that haven't had the pleasure of watching Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, i'm so sorry bc its probably the best animated in the history of animated shows. and they owe it all to the theme song. if you haven't heard it, go on youtube right now and listen to it. its the best...ever. so let me introduce you to her amazing pets with amazing names. here we go.

This is Kai-Lan.

This is Tolee.

This is Rintoo, he's a tiger.

This is Hoho, he likes to DJ

Unfortunatly, i couldn't get a picture of Lulu by herself, but she's the pink rhino.

There's also YeYe, San San, Meme, Gu Nai Nai,
oh but don't let me forget my absolute favorite. Kai-Lan's last animal friends is......guess..........Howard, the owl. i bet you did not guess that.
i just love their inconsistancy with the chinese names, it's the absolute best part of the show.

Monday, October 13, 2008


i know, my post is a little bit late. today was my mom's birthday. i love her so dang much. i look up to her so much. she is such a good example of being an incredible mom and wife, and shes always willing to do anything to help. she's so patient, and she has so much faith. i strive to be like her every day. i'm so blessed to have her as my mom, and even though sometimes i don't listen to her.....i love you mom!!! i'm so glad that i'm able to be your daughter.


Saturday, October 11, 2008


for any of you that don't know what powderpuff is, let me explain. Powderpuff is when a bunch of junior and senior girls get together, put flags on and kill each other....while throwing a football. It's supposed to be a junior team vs a senior team in NO contact flag football. ha like that happens. its what girls look forward to being juniors for. the boys are cheerleaders (usually it ends up being really weird guys that nobody wants to see in a skirt) and football players coach the girls team. its a tradition, and the seniors always win. but not this year. they talked so much crap about the juniors, but the juniors ended up winning. it's also a tradition that every homecoming week it is in the 80's and sunny until the day of the powderpuff game when it drops to about 37 degrees and we have to sit out in the cold and watch for an hour. i wish i could've taken some pictures, but i don't have a camera. i didn't get to play this year, thanks to my mother, but next year i'll play and hopefully i'll have a camera by then. so we had our homecoming game also last night. we won 77-7. ya it was a blowout. it wasn't even fun to watch. we were up like 60something-7 by the first half, and in the 2nd half no starters went in. it was kind of sad, and it was not enjoyable. a ton of people left at half time. oh, and did i mention it was like 30 degrees? yep it was the second coldest thing i've ever sat at for a long time. our homecoming is tonight, but i'm too tired and lazy to get ready, so i'll just wait for a while. the homecoming court was announced at half time last night, this is the only picture i got. i stole picture of the jr powderpuff team off my friends facebook.

Friday, September 26, 2008


haha i beat my mom. so our team won. actually, saying they won is an understatement. We MURDERED them. the score was 51-0, and in like the last 47 sec of the 4th quarter, they just stopped the game and said we won. it was kinda sad for them, but i'm soooo happy we won. high school football games are the best. i tried to take a picture of the team with my phone, but i couldn't. the next home game is homecoming!!! i'm so excited. i'll try and get some good pictures then.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

what the hey???

sorry i haven't updated in a while, my mom stole my blog topic about the football game. but there's another one on friday so i'll just have to jump on it before her. so the other day i just decided to go on the computer. then my friend told me that i should go on a certain site. i'd been on this site before, and even had an account, but i really didn't like it so i deleted it. this time, she said that there are way more people on it now. this certain site just happens to be facebook. and it just so happens that so many of you fellow bloggers have one and have decided not to share that information with the rest of us. why? who knows, but i'm just gonna come right out and admit that i have one. :) this wasn't really a real post but if we win on friday than i'll be sure and post again.
better than myspace.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

driver's beware

Once upon a time in a far off place there was a princess. She was a smart child and was young for her schooling grade. But while all her friends went to get there licenses, she was stuck at home waiting just to get her learners permit. Finally one day, her mom took her to a magical place called the DMV. There she took the test which would give her the permit. She could only miss 8 out of 46, and was very nervous about it. Somehow, she managed to pass and missed only 5. So now.....


Monday, September 8, 2008

so i think i can't dance

today i had my first beginning contemporary dance class. it was pretty hard. the dancers on so you think you can dance make it look SO easy, but it is not at all. first we had to stretch forever and i am not flexible at all. then we had to do crunches and bicycles which i love to do, so it wasn't bad. then we had to put our arms out and do different exercises and my arms felt like they weighed 50 million pounds. and then she's like....ok now improv in the dark. i had NO IDEA what to do, and i'm so glad it was dark lol bc i prolly looked so stupid. i really wish it just came naturally, but it doesn't. so i'm gonna work at it, and i'm gonna be soooo sore tomorrow i won't even be able to stand it. but i'll be so buff one day. oh and btw the teacher is some like 20 year old who dances in like 7 different companys AND has taken classes from Mia Michaels AND her main dance teacher was Katee's dance teacher. crazy stuff. so she's pretty legit.

my future bffs

Friday, September 5, 2008

well i guess i can update now. nothing new has happened except i got out of trig and into intro to college math haha. oh and i got out of LAME psychology and into clay. right now i'm making a coil pot, it's pretty saweet. its really relaxing to be able to go to school and get to play with clay ALL first period. then in my honors english class, we have evaluated many poems, and it's led me to realize, I AM SO DUMB. all the kids in my class sit there and discuss the poem for like hours and i sit there and have no idea what these words mean. plus i am not a fan of writing or reading poetry at all. so here is the dumb blonde sitting in the corner tracing her hand. no joke i think i've traced it 5 million times by now. but we finally finished our first novel (or novella i guess) A River Runs Through It.

its about fly fishing. i liked some parts of it, and the main idea of it. next were reading The Bean Tree. idk what its about. eventually were reading The Great Gatsby and then we get to have a gatsby party and we learn how to swing dance before we go (i already know how) and then the girls dress up as flappers and the boys as...w/e boys dressed like back then. and then we have a big dance party at this building. it sounds pretty cool. plus we go on tons of fun field trips like were supposed to go to tahoe, which if you haven't been you should definatly go (and stop and see us on the way) bc it is SO beautiful. anyways. thats whats going on in my life right now. pretty exciting stuff...not really.

Friday, August 22, 2008


okay so kenyan was really vague so i'm gonna expand on our little experience. so my mom had just picked us up from school and kenyan got in the drivers seat bc he needs hours for his license. we were driving along and saw a car that was for sale, so he turned around in a little driveway and started going back. so we were going to turn around on a side street, and we were stopped and turning left. all of the sudden we hear this skidding and i'm thinking "what the heck is wrong with this car?" but then some idiot of a human being crashed into the back of us. i guess thats whats called a rear-end.

i'm pretty sure we all got a little minor whiplash, but our car is like a freakin rock and this was the dumb lady's car

haha jk jk. her car just had a big ugly dent in it. but thats what she gets. so anywhoodles, my momma called the 911 and they seriously sent 50 million cars. they just kept coming and coming for these two cars in a little fenda-benda. me and kenyan were just laughing our heads off bc there were like 2 firetrucks, an ambulance, and like 5 different fire cars and police cars. they were pretty legit though. my mom wanted to get kael checked out so we got to ride in the ambulance. it was pretty saweet. i was kinda scared to take a picture in it, bc i didn't know if i was like allowed to, so my pictures are really lame.
this is kael... holding the emt's hand.and the emt blew up his balloon to entertain kael.

good times, good times.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


michael phelps did it!!!!!! not that i ever doubted that he would. he beat mark spitz record and won 8 gold medals in single olympics. he is sooo amazing!!! i'm so glad that he beat it, i think that he worked really hard for it. even if a couple of the races were a close call, i think he deserved it. this was definatly the most intense and enjoyable olympics i've watched my whole life. i'll miss seein him swim soooo much. i wish it were like an every day thing lol. i love him!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

That was an OMG moment!

okay i'm super into swimming because i swam a ton when i was little. i've seen a lot of races in my day, but NOTHING compares to the men's 4x100 free relay last night! idk how many ppl watched it, but i am so glad i didn't miss that history in the making. if you haven't seen it yet, go on youtube or wherever you can find it, and WATCH it! it was amazing. the french team was talking trash, and i thought for sure that we were gonna take 2nd but jason lezak who is freakin amazing caught up and passed alain bernard on the french. ugh best race i've ever seen by far!!!

here's the fab 4. michael phelps (of course), cullen jones, garret weber-gale, and jason lezak

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I AM SOOOO MAD!!!!!!!!

Okay, so let me be the first to blog about this. Last night at roughly 9:57 p.m. pacific time a man named Stephen Boss aka "Twitch" got JIPPED!!!! I cannot believe he didn't win. i do not like joshua one bit. ugh that finale was jank and suckish.

Here's a picture of the man that should have won.... and a picture of the top 4: twitch, katee bleh, courtney bleh, and joshua*BLEH*

Monday, August 4, 2008

okay, okay i will blog now :) sry i've just been so LAZY this whole summer. ok so here it the end of June i finally decided to cut it all off. it was a hard decision, but one that i don't regret. it was a lot of hair that i took off but its all good bc i like the change. so heres a couple of pictures of it. they were taken a couple weeks ago but i've gotten it cut again so its a tiny bit shorter, but it looks pretty much the same.

okay so there ya go! hope you enjoy :)

oh and btw jayni......................i was twikatie before there was even a twitch


jk :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008


i'm so sorry!!! i haven't blogged in forever but i have no computer to blog on. i promise promise promise i will write a BIG FAT blog when i get home about my adventures....and my hair ;)

Friday, July 11, 2008

I DID IT!!! i am all packed and ready to go. i know you're wondering....How on earth did she fit two weeks worth of clothes into just those suitcases? trust me, it wasn't easy...but it was well worth it :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

just out of curiosity....

whose excited for the olympics? i know i am.
i love michael phelps.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

this was kael singing "i love you" the barney song. here's the lyrics in case you can't understand him lol.

i love you..uh uh i'm scared sissy. i love you, you love me, we're a happy family. with a great big hug [HUG] and a kiss from me to you....and then he doesn't finish it :) but i think you know the rest.

my mom tagged me....

Things on my to do list today:
1. recover from being sick
2. take a shower
3. watch kael
4. maybe start cleaning my room
5. blog

Snacks i enjoy:
1. string cheese
2. chocolate
3. nectarines
4. peaches
5. french fries

Things i would do if i became a billionaire:
1. pay tithing :)
2. buy a hollister
3. buy myself and my momma a car
4. give some to anyone that needs it
5. save for college and a house

5 places i've lived:
1. covina, ca
2. glendora, ca
3. penn valley, ca
4. idk
5. idk

Jobs i've held:
1. babysitter
2. thrift store
3. concessions at byu
4. youth educator
5. volunteer for many things

5 things some people don't know about me:
1. i'm left-handed
2. my favorite color is navy
3. i play tennis for my school
4. i'm extremely afraid of lightning and spiders
5. i don't like going to the mall..most of the time

i tag jenna, chris, and jericho!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

This is what my friend made me for my birthday back in february. I thought it was so cute and very clever.

The Jonas Brother in... The Journey to Katie's Party

Joe: Wow I wish Katie could see me totally dominating! Hmm...Something is missing

Joe: Oh no! Its Katie's Birthday! Nick: I knew it! Joe: Oh no! Will she forever hate me?

Nick: Do you think she will like this? Joe: For sure! My Katie-ba-batie loves candy! Don't worry darling we are on our way!
Nick: Hi Katie sorry we're late! Where's Mel?!
My friends name is Melissa or Mel, and she likes Nick, but i like Joe. She gave me this and flowers. It was really cute. Oh and by the way, Nick is the one with curly hair drinking through the straw. Joe is the one who is "totally dominating" and flexing his muscles with the long straight brown hair.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

MySpace Countdown Clocks

Monday, June 30, 2008


i have a lot of pet peeves in my life. they range from feet to people burping, and many more. one of my biggest of them all is.....copy cats. the wikidefinition of it is....A copycat (also copy-cat or copy cat) is a person (or animal, or computer program) that mimics or repeats the behavior of another. i know that most people like to use the excuse, oh it is supposed to flatter you. but most of the time to me, it makes me very mad. oh i don't mind when people that i like do it, like family or bestest friends, but a lot of people that bug me like to do it which bugs me even more. i'm not trying to be stuck up and say everyone copies me, but its true. jk. but doesn't it bother you guys when you do something to make yourself individual or it's just something you do and then someone copies it. ugh it irritates me...greatly.

Friday, June 27, 2008


this summer has been excruciatingly boring. all my friends have jobs and such, and i'm too young. we don't leave for utah till july 13th. i'm way excited, but thats pretty far away. ugh can you die from boredom? i can't even go outside cause it's way smoky and super unhealthy. i can't blog about anything because there's nothing to blog about. how does everybody stay unbored during the summer. there's got to be a way to do it. this is pretty suckish. i bet you fell asleep while reading this blog. i would say sorry, but i'm not. jk. not really.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

i am back!

oh my goodness i am FINALLY back!!! i am so glad to be home. i thought the week was only fun because i was a big sister (or ycl) and my little sisters were awesome they were so cute. big sisters and junior staff got to go to donner lake and go boating and stuff and it was so much fun. me and my friend and another girl went like extreme tubing. we were flying everywhere and i'm pretty sure i almost got whiplash, but it was so fun. it felt like i was there for months, but maybe just because i don't like camping. i didn't take any pictures because i don't have a camera, but the counselors of our little sisters took a bunch and she's going to email them to me, but idk when.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

change :) or :(

I'm just going to get out and say it...I HATE CHANGE. but i suppose sometimes change can be a good thing, but it doesn't matter bc i am prejudice of it all. thing is, i need some change...mostly on my hair. i have had long curly blond hair probably since i was in the 3rd grade. i've been growing it out and cutting it back to the same exact way over the years. i now where it basically the same every day, 3-barraled and down. i have to wake up at 4:30 every day to do it before seminary during the school year. but now my moms been telling me how she wants me to cut it short, and that would've not even been an option, but now idk..i kind of want to. i absolutely LOVE kherington's hair, and i would like my hair to be like that, but my hair is kind of my security blanket. i love it when random ppl would come up to me and tell me how pretty my hair was. and at school when ppl refer to me to ppl who don't know me, they call me the girl with curly blonde hair. wat would i be if i cut it short? that girl with short blonde hair. which one? ahh...idk what to do. i really want to do it, but part of me doesn't want to let my old hair go.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Lakers Won!!! Whoo-hoo!!! They didn't play there best, but they pulled through, and made my day. AND Sasha had 20 PTS!!! I just LOVE them Lakers!!!