Monday, September 8, 2008

so i think i can't dance

today i had my first beginning contemporary dance class. it was pretty hard. the dancers on so you think you can dance make it look SO easy, but it is not at all. first we had to stretch forever and i am not flexible at all. then we had to do crunches and bicycles which i love to do, so it wasn't bad. then we had to put our arms out and do different exercises and my arms felt like they weighed 50 million pounds. and then she's like....ok now improv in the dark. i had NO IDEA what to do, and i'm so glad it was dark lol bc i prolly looked so stupid. i really wish it just came naturally, but it doesn't. so i'm gonna work at it, and i'm gonna be soooo sore tomorrow i won't even be able to stand it. but i'll be so buff one day. oh and btw the teacher is some like 20 year old who dances in like 7 different companys AND has taken classes from Mia Michaels AND her main dance teacher was Katee's dance teacher. crazy stuff. so she's pretty legit.

my future bffs


Jamie said...

Will you dance for me?

judy lucy said...

That sounds like so much fun! Did you know that Benji & Heidi from So You Think You Can Dance a couple years ago were my sister, Micalanne's, girls' dance teachers before they were FAMOUS?

jodi kay said...

I can't believe you are in that dance class. That is sooo cool. I can't wait to see you dance! I know you are a fantastic dancer.