Friday, May 7, 2010


Well lets see, I have not blogged for like a century. It's not like you don't know anything that happened, since I have facebook you can kind of see whats goin on. But I don't really get to tell the stories and stuff like I do on a blog. So I'm back on for now. My senior year is coming to an end soooo fast. I have my senior project presentation coming up really fast. For those of you who do not know what that is, it's some dumb project every senior has to complete in order to graduate. You have to pick something that interests you and do it for 20 hours. I picked "Volunteering at the Hospital" thinking it would be fun. Unfortunately it is the most boring thing ever. I stand around and do random things they need like restock gloves or get ice water or straws. This year has been the year of laziness + procrastination. I probably have the most absences ever recorded in history. This applies to school, seminary, and days I was supposed to work at the hospital. So now I have 12 hours of service and another 8 to finish in a week... not good. I will figure it out though. The most stressful week is the week of Sunday the 16th- Wednesday the 19th. Sunday I have my Young Womanhood Recognition, which I have yet to finish. Tuesday I have an all day festivel in Napa called the Golden State Festival, its kind of a huge deal. Then Wednesday I give me senior project speech. But after that I am donnnnnne. That Friday we have our Senior Picnic and then the next night is Senior Ball (of which I have a story regarding, I just need to wait and get some pictures). Then graduation is on the 12th of June. I cannot wait.