Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Oh man, its been sooo long since i've done a post. i apologizeee. i haven't even been busy, just oh so lazy. well lets see..what has happened since my last post. well not much, i can tell you that. i have my license now. its pretty cool. gives me a little more freedom, i spose. school is almost out! i literally can't wait. idk why, but school is just too much. i really can't stand going. i'm pretty sure i had like 7 "sick" days this semester. but i guess karma caught up to me because now i am so sick. i've had a cold or allergies or something all weekend. it totally ruined my 3 day weekend. but whatevs. i have my demonstration speech in english tomorrow which i procrastinated as much as i possibly could. as in, i'm the last in the class to go. they all went the past two weeks. but i am doing it on basketball which is very easy since i have a lot of connection to basketball players and such. so really it will be me talking while kenyan and his friend marc demonstrate. my hair is like a wild beast because my mom had to go and get sicky-poo so now i can't wear it down till she gets better and can cut it. this summer, my dream was to move to utah and work all summer so i could come back to this forsaken place and have money to buy things. but no, i have girls camp and a TREK this summer which i cannot miss. the trek will be 3 days of NO shower, or stable bathroom, and gross sweaty people from my stake. i will try my very hardest to have a good attitude, but i will warn those on the trek to not test my patience, because i will have zero. as long as no one tries to tell me what to do, i think i'll be okay. i have a problem with authority. three more days of seminary, and 8 more days of school. this summer better be fabbb.