Wednesday, December 22, 2010


christmas is coming
i haven't blogged in so long
i graduated high school
now i'm in college
a lot has happened

i now am a freshmas at BYU in the small town of provo, utah. i am a big girl now. i live in an apartment-style dorm with five other girls. yes, five other girls. it has been quite the transition from living with five boys and a mom to living with five girls...and no mom. i like to think i'm doing pretty well. except two of my roommates already moved out. we had a little disagreement. i'm not a very good at handling disagreements. but they have moved out either way. two new girls have moved in, and things are better.

its funny how you think you have everything figured out, and then come to realize things change. i still don't know what i want to be, but i'm having fun figuring it out. i'm pretty sure i come up with something new every day. my mom's probably getting sick of me telling her all the different things i want to do.

i'm home for the holidays, which is the nicest thing ever. literally nothing is as good as home. i love christmas. its my favorite time of the year. i have watched a different christmas movie about every other day. they're always on tv, and i stay up watching them. tonight, its deck the halls.

i'm going to try and keep up on blogging. this past semester i spent a lot of time doing nothing, now i can use that time to actually do something.

things i have done this year:
hiked the Y
kidnapped a duck
changed my major
went crazy on Black Friday
hung lingerie on our door as a decoration
got called as ward choir director
went to the ready set concert
applied for at least ten jobs
got a debit card
read the hunger games series
did ten hours of service
ate at jdawgs
tried graham canyon ice cream (best.ever)
went without a cell phone/ipod/internet for a long period of time (more than once)
bombed my american heritage final
discovered the joys of airport security, learned how to avoid the creepy scanners
survived the blizzard of the century
finally bought some sick nike hightops
baked ridiculous amounts of cookies
had a huge crush on a super cute t.a.
got angry and yelled at my roommate, then pretended i had been sleep-talking
wished i had a bedtime
spent hours watching tv on my laptop
avoided the library at all costs
missed nevada county
skyped my best friend
got holes in my shoes
laughed way too much