Friday, May 30, 2008

i don't get to see my laker boys till sometime next week, but i'm sooo glad they won. good job spurs though, it was a good match, except for when ginobli smacked sasha in the face, that wasn't cool. this week is my LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!! we get out on friday, but seminary ends on monday. i only get to a-pass one of my finals, which means i will be taking some pretty hard tests. yay. i get seminary breakfast on monday, and then a waffle party in my english class on tues. thats a lot of good food for one week. i got a new belt, and i was sooo excited to wear it!!! i hope this summer will be fun, too bad i can't drive :( august 6th is my permit day!
my sah-weet new belt

Monday, May 26, 2008


19 years together! Aren't they the cutest. my dad had hair back then :)


For our last combined activity with the Young Men, our Young Women did a picture scavenger hunt. We had to run around town and do some crazy things like: Kiss frozen chicken, find a lady with an unusual hat, shake an old man's hand, go to Burger King and have the manager "knight" you with a french fry (yup, we did it.), and other strange things. I just thought i'd post some of the group pictures we took and have you be amazed at the size of our YW in the boonies :) jk this isn't all of us....theres 3 more.

sorry, couldn't figure out how to flip the pix.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

i'd say that thursday night/friday morning was probably the WORST night of my life. so at like midnightish i woke up to find that my other ear (as in the one that didn't burst) was killing. it took probably an hour till i was relaxed enough to go back to sleep. then at like 3 i woke up and it felt like someone was stabbing me in the stomach. i waited for a few to see if it would go away, but it didn't. so my mom took me to the hospital at like 3:30 and i went into the emergency room, and eventually i was seen by the doctor. i had to get an i.v. and the nurse tried both my arms but i was WAY dehydrated. so she tried one arm (without numbing it) and i could feel it go in, and then moving it around. ugh it was weird. but she couldn't find a vein, so she had to get the other nurse to look for it in my other arm. well, she numbed it, but i could still feel it moving around, and she finally found one. they gave me pain medicine and nausea medicine and then a whole bag of fluids. eventually the pain stopped and i could go home. so all together i missed: monday sixth & seventh period, tuesday all day (for choir concert), wednesday (first period), and friday all day. i missed my choir concert, and i couldn't go to my friends birthday party. like i said, worst night ever!!! but thanks to my mom who stayed up with me all night/morning. at least the lakers won, otherwise it really would've made me sad.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

10. Getting Chills (not from being cold)
9. Sleeping
8. Nighttime
7. Laughing
6. The Beach
5. Food
4. Boys (only the mature ones)
3. Music
2. Gospel
1. Family

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

we got back from the choir thing at like 12:30 am so basically the whole choir missed out on first period. we have a lot of finals coming up and i am not excited, but i am excited to be getting out of school very soon. i just wrote a 3 page essay in 2 hours. i'm sooo skilled right (even though it was due on monday, whoops) well the american idol finale is on and i could NOT care less who wins. so you think you can dance starts TOMORROW!!! i'm pretty dang excited, i love that show. happy birthday kenyan :) big 17. too bad he doesn't have his license.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

OMG okay so i saw prince caspian last night, and i thought the movie was pretty good, but he was soooo cute. he's actually way cuter in the movie than in real life, i wonder why, maybe makeup. the only part i didn't like was when he kissed that pevensie sister, i had to close my eyes. my ear is a little better, but not much, hopefully my mom will take me to the doctors sooner or later. i kind of wish the lakers were playing today, but i have to wait til wednesday i guess. this week will be full of choir stuff. i'm going to the california golden state festivel on tuesday (which is like 4 or more hours away), and then on thurs and friday night we have our spring concerts. so i'll probably have no voice by the end of this cool. then next week is dead week and finals are the week after that and then school is out on JUNE 6TH!!!! i'm sooo excited i can't even stand it.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

so... the lakers won last night!!! whoo-hoo!!! and uh..who had 10 pts? thats right, sasha did. and no dumb technicals this time. well i had my first BIG SISTER meeting for girls camp last night, a big sister is like after you've finished your 4th year of girls camp you get to go be with the girls and be like their big sisters and help them and we are the song leaders and we decorate everything! i had a really bad ear ache yesturday, and last night i guess my ear drum burst. it is the SICKEST thing ever, eww its sooo gross. i have an audition for our stake play today, but i'm hearing two toned right now so i definatly cannot sing. so...what to do? prince caspian came out yesturday!!! me and my daddy are going to see it tonight. i know your all thinking, she is a little angel for taking her father to the movies. and it's true. jk i would sooo be going with my cousins right now if i lived in utah though daddy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm sooo excited for the game tonight!!! i REALLY hope that the lakers win. i have mutual tonight though so i'm gonna have to stay up till like 11 or 12 AHHH! oh well, theres no way i'm going to school not knowing. plus tomorrows a half day. so was today, but i was at a DUI trial for 4 hours. it was the most boring thing of my whole life. tonights american idol too, but i don't care who gets voted off or who wins anymore. i don't really like any of them. well lets hope the lakers win tonight and sasha plays a TON!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


that lakers game was a huge upset. i wish they would have won, no offense but I HATE the jazz. well kobe kind of threw the game away so that was suckish. and they should've given the ball to Saša Vujačic he was on the ball tonight..uhh no pun intended. he's my new favorite player on the lakers :)

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers!!! you all work so hard to keep your family healthy and happy so you guys deserve an amazing day all about you. i love moms i think there the best people ever especially the ones in our family so enjoy YOUR day!!! love you all.

Friday, May 9, 2008

hey guys! i copied jodi and got a make over. my mom cut and colored my hair today, isn't she a sweet thing? i'm sooo happy with the results and i hope everyone likes it too!!! oh, and scroll down to look at it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

i am sooo nervous for Jason tonight! he did not do well at all last night. oooh if siyesha stays i'm going to freak. i really do not like her at all, but i will admit she did better than jason. i'm so scared, if he gets kicked of i will surely cry. next thurs. all the sophomores at my school have to go watch a REAL dui trial for 4 hours! luckily it's a half day though, so we can just go home afterwards. maybe it's the waking up at 4 almost every morning, but i am just soooo tired all the time now. i had a math test today, and everytime i got up to blow my nose or ask my teacher a question and then go sit down i just forgot where my seat was. i did it 5 times! i would just walk up the wrong row looking for my desk. idk it was really weird maybe someone slipped something into my water when i wasn't looking.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

okay so i got the pictures and then i discovered that I AM THE WORST picture taker ever!!! so only a couple are close to decent so i'll try and figure out how to post them. they even gave me a little disc with all the pictures on them, isn't that so nice? oh and i blame the camara for some of the bad pictures, i need a digital especially when my mom buys me those Jonas Brothers tickets i'm gonna need a cool camara right?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hola. Today we're having a pretty sweet garage sale. We have a whole bunch of junk out there, and nobody's stoppin by. So my week was pretty suckish, i stayed home from school twice bc i was deathly ill and then my mom made me go to school on weds. and it was the worst day ever so...thanks again mom. I'm sick still and i look terrible. I wanted to go see my friends band play but all my friends are GONE this weekend, and i do not want to go by myself. I might go see Iron man today, but idk. Jonas Brothers are coming here on July 16th and if anybody wants to buy me tickets (hem that would be absolutely splendid. And while i'm whining away, let me just add that it is soooo dumb that there is NO HOLLISTER here! there stupid shipping is 8 dollars! so if i want to buy a shirt for $13.90 is comes out like $25 which is so lame. i know jasons days are very limited, but i refuse to believe that he will get kicked off soon. today hopefully my mother will finally take me to go pick up my pictures from our disneyland tour that we had in march. yes its been since march and she just barely got them developed. anywhoodles, if there cute then i'll scan them and post them, if there not...then i wont