Wednesday, September 24, 2008

what the hey???

sorry i haven't updated in a while, my mom stole my blog topic about the football game. but there's another one on friday so i'll just have to jump on it before her. so the other day i just decided to go on the computer. then my friend told me that i should go on a certain site. i'd been on this site before, and even had an account, but i really didn't like it so i deleted it. this time, she said that there are way more people on it now. this certain site just happens to be facebook. and it just so happens that so many of you fellow bloggers have one and have decided not to share that information with the rest of us. why? who knows, but i'm just gonna come right out and admit that i have one. :) this wasn't really a real post but if we win on friday than i'll be sure and post again.
better than myspace.


jodi kay said...

Your mom is kinda like that. She is really sneaky. You better watch your back!