Monday, August 4, 2008

okay, okay i will blog now :) sry i've just been so LAZY this whole summer. ok so here it the end of June i finally decided to cut it all off. it was a hard decision, but one that i don't regret. it was a lot of hair that i took off but its all good bc i like the change. so heres a couple of pictures of it. they were taken a couple weeks ago but i've gotten it cut again so its a tiny bit shorter, but it looks pretty much the same.

okay so there ya go! hope you enjoy :)

oh and btw jayni......................i was twikatie before there was even a twitch


jk :)


judy lucy said...

You look really cute, Katie, I like it. And you are the original Twitch!

jodi kay said...

I'm really glad you finally updated. Your hair is very cute! You look very cute! So is it time to come back out here yet?

Jamie said...

CHEHEEEz about time Katie. CUte hair.... I love it, your Mom did a good job with your THICK CURLY hair!

Micalanne said...

Very Cute! Is it easier than long hair?

Katiebobaty said...

not really lol. but i can sleep on it and then wake up the next day and it still looks okay. unlike with my curly hair, i always had to redo it.

Judy said...

I did it! At least I think so.