Monday, October 12, 2009


Today is a very special lady's birthday. My mom. Since she saw me doing this, its not a surprise. I had to look through all the pictures I could find and get her to allow me to post them. Let me tell you, finding pictures of her was not easy. Although she is soooo pretty, she hates getting her picture taken. What a shame. But the ones that do get snapped are always beautiful. Looking through those pictures was like a blast from the past. I got to remember all the 16 years I've got to spend with her. This is my last year with her at home, and I know I'll call her everyday. But I'll miss her like crazy. She's my favorite person in the whole wide world. I love her to death, and would do anything for her. She has helped me become the person I am today, and she sets an amazing example to follow. I know that when I'm a mom (someday far, far away) I want to be just like her. She's my best friend. Happy Birthday Mom!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Summer and stuff

okay, i will admit. the trek wasn't that bad. i guess it seemed worse when i was on it, but looking back, it was a good experience. i got stuck in a family with no one i knew, because my friend bailed on me last minute. so i thought that was gonna be a huge bummer. the first day was, because i didn't know anyone and it was so hot and walking in a skirt over bumps was so hard! i had to like change my stride and then it made my hips so sore. and the food...was questionable. the whole first day was just kind of awkward. but after that it got much better. i found a good way to walk that didn't hurt so bad. but i was sooo dirty! it was ridiculous. my hair was like crunchy from the sweat and dirt. i was so happy to take a shower. that night coming back was the best part. so now with the trek over my summer is pretty much done. the county fair is started so now its really over. i go get my locker and schedule tomorrow, so i'll let you know whats on it. senior year here i come!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SUMMER...and stuff...

This summer has been pretty good so far. after school got out, i didn't do much of anything, but after a couple of weeks we went to utah. that was fun. then i had to come back for girls camp. that was not fun. we got new people to do the food this year, and they supposedly own a catering company. i would never get catered by them. i was so excited for the food, and it was disgusting. before we had a lady do it, and it was always pretty good. the first night was chicken tetrazzini, and i had no idea what it was so i texted chacha (its what you do when you have no computer, you ask a question, it sends you the answer) and it said it was a pasta dish with mushrooms. so it sounded pretty good (minus the mushroom part) and i love pasta so i was pretty stoked. but it turned out to be the most disgusting thing ever. the noodles were crunchy and watery, and the chicken was boiled and flavorless. so the first night i couldn't sleep cuz my leg was hurting, and then i was trying not to throw up the nasty dinner. me and my friend lauryn ate cheezits for dinner every night cuz the food was so gross. finally girls camp ended. oh btw, i dont think i ever missed my mom so much in my life, and i was sooo excited for her to pick me up, and then she didn't even come. i got a ride with some else. so i cried.. yep. so then after girls camp i was so excited cuz we were supposed to be going back to utah. but then i guess we weren't. but then at the last minute we went. it was a fun little trip. and for the fourth of july i got to work at the stadium of fire!! it was only fun cuz we got to see the JONAS BROTHERS. and i also discovered i could never work in customer service. i have no patience for people. so now i'm at home, waiting for my next adventure...trek. and lucky for me! the lady that did camp food is now doing trek food. so i guess it'll be cheezits for dinner again. YUM.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Oh man, its been sooo long since i've done a post. i apologizeee. i haven't even been busy, just oh so lazy. well lets see..what has happened since my last post. well not much, i can tell you that. i have my license now. its pretty cool. gives me a little more freedom, i spose. school is almost out! i literally can't wait. idk why, but school is just too much. i really can't stand going. i'm pretty sure i had like 7 "sick" days this semester. but i guess karma caught up to me because now i am so sick. i've had a cold or allergies or something all weekend. it totally ruined my 3 day weekend. but whatevs. i have my demonstration speech in english tomorrow which i procrastinated as much as i possibly could. as in, i'm the last in the class to go. they all went the past two weeks. but i am doing it on basketball which is very easy since i have a lot of connection to basketball players and such. so really it will be me talking while kenyan and his friend marc demonstrate. my hair is like a wild beast because my mom had to go and get sicky-poo so now i can't wear it down till she gets better and can cut it. this summer, my dream was to move to utah and work all summer so i could come back to this forsaken place and have money to buy things. but no, i have girls camp and a TREK this summer which i cannot miss. the trek will be 3 days of NO shower, or stable bathroom, and gross sweaty people from my stake. i will try my very hardest to have a good attitude, but i will warn those on the trek to not test my patience, because i will have zero. as long as no one tries to tell me what to do, i think i'll be okay. i have a problem with authority. three more days of seminary, and 8 more days of school. this summer better be fabbb.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I'm in english 3 honors at my school, which is just like a.p. english. my teacher, mr. cartan is a person, and he sure does know how to throw a party. the juniors at my school all read THE GREAT GATSBY in english. in mr.cartan's class, he rents out the building where we have prom, the miner's foundry, and we have a gatsby party. for all of you who hav never read the book, its actually a very good book. the character JAY GATSBY throws these fantastic parties in hopes one day the woman he loves will walk in. so the two periods of english 3H get to do all the work, while the alumni from his other 3H classes years before just get to enjoy the night of fun. this year, the theme was Las Vegas (which is obviously a popular theme because Casino Royale was just voted as our Jr. Prom theme). After much controversy over the theme (a lot of the girls didn't want it to be dirty like the real vegas), it was finally set in stone. I did absolutely nothing to help, but don't judge because i can't drive so its so much harder to run into town for everything that you need to buy. anyways, the miner's foundry is decorated, and everyone comes in their 20's attire to enjoy a fun night. They serve sparkling cider in champagne glasses and people swing dance. For the first quarter of the night, our school's jazz band plays, then its mr. cartan's selection of 20's swing music. The rest of the evening is our music/dancing. Well I took a while to get ready, and ended up missing the jazz band and a lot of the swing dancing (darn...). thanks to jodi for making me an adorable headband :). these pictures are some my mom took, and some i stole off of peoples facebook.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

sorry...i lied

okay well i definitely said that i would post quickly with pictures, and i lied. its been almost a month since i updated last...again. i am now 16, finally. i don't get my license for a little while longer, but no worries. for my birthday i went to kenyan's basketball game. sounds fun huh, but they won so it was okay. the next day me and my mom went shopping and i got some great deals at wetseal. i got some cute new clothes and bags and a cute pair of boots. nothing exciting has happened here. the towns like ten minutes away have gotten a tooonnnn of snow, and we didn't get any. its not fair. i'm just pretty much hanging out and going to basketball games. its pretty dang boring. thats my life lol...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

hey ya

oh man, i'm very sorry for that. i haven't updated in so long. i don't even have a good excuse, i was just being oh so lazy. i can't find my mom's camera, but when i do i will let you all know about my christmas and presents. right now, school is boring and i cannot wait for the next break. well we don't have school tomorrow which is very nice indeed. it seems like all the shows are starting now, so i'm back to watching the tv like every night. i did have a nice little break when there was like pretty much nothing on, but i guess thats over now. here's my week in television: monday-the city, and heroes when it starts on feb. 2; tuesday- american idol, and the biggest loser; wednesday- american idol yet again, and lost; thursday- i get a break til survivor starts feb. 12; and friday- ghost whisperer and numb3rs. yup its a pretty full schedule. in between all that i have homework, mutual, and anything else that pops up. i like keeping myself busy though. well i decided you might not want to listen to my christmas music playlist anymore so i went ahead a made a new one for ya. my favorite song so far is mad by ne-yo. he has a nice voice. my birthday is comin up quick and i'm so excited. then in march i can finally get my license. don't be fooled by my background, i don't like the color pink, and i'm not excited for valentines' day. i'm so glad its on a saturday. some of you may wonder why, but trust me...if your not a little kid then you don't get candy, and if your not dating or married to someone you don't get candy. you just get to see all the other people walk around with flowers and candy. so really its pretty much the most jank holiday ever. well i promise i'll keep it up, and won't slack off watching all my tv shows and getting fat. jk. but really, i will post quickly with the pictures and such.