Sunday, January 18, 2009

hey ya

oh man, i'm very sorry for that. i haven't updated in so long. i don't even have a good excuse, i was just being oh so lazy. i can't find my mom's camera, but when i do i will let you all know about my christmas and presents. right now, school is boring and i cannot wait for the next break. well we don't have school tomorrow which is very nice indeed. it seems like all the shows are starting now, so i'm back to watching the tv like every night. i did have a nice little break when there was like pretty much nothing on, but i guess thats over now. here's my week in television: monday-the city, and heroes when it starts on feb. 2; tuesday- american idol, and the biggest loser; wednesday- american idol yet again, and lost; thursday- i get a break til survivor starts feb. 12; and friday- ghost whisperer and numb3rs. yup its a pretty full schedule. in between all that i have homework, mutual, and anything else that pops up. i like keeping myself busy though. well i decided you might not want to listen to my christmas music playlist anymore so i went ahead a made a new one for ya. my favorite song so far is mad by ne-yo. he has a nice voice. my birthday is comin up quick and i'm so excited. then in march i can finally get my license. don't be fooled by my background, i don't like the color pink, and i'm not excited for valentines' day. i'm so glad its on a saturday. some of you may wonder why, but trust me...if your not a little kid then you don't get candy, and if your not dating or married to someone you don't get candy. you just get to see all the other people walk around with flowers and candy. so really its pretty much the most jank holiday ever. well i promise i'll keep it up, and won't slack off watching all my tv shows and getting fat. jk. but really, i will post quickly with the pictures and such.


judy lucy said...

I think we're twins. I'm glad Valentine's Day is on a Saturday, too. I hate all the stupid balloons and flowers that the stupid teenagers walk around with all day long at my school. They are so delusioned.

I'm with ya on American Idol, Ghost Whisperer, and Numb3rs.

I think I saw ne-yo in concert. I think he was an opening act for Alicia Keyes (she had three openers). I could be wrong, but that name sounds familiar.

jodi kay said...

It has been way too long since you have updated. A month come on. Don't do that again. It was fun to have you out here. I miss you already. All though I feel like I never get to see you when you are here. That's ok. Your cousins are much more fun to hang out with than your way cool, beautiful, fun, fantastic, nice auntie!

Dale and Judy said...

Glad you are back! I got to rush but I will back again.

Dale and Judy said...

Hi Katie,
It was really great to hear from you finally. I hope that you had a great trip to Utah. I am sure that you are back deep into school work again. I know you are excited about getting your drivers license, but now I will have three grandchildren on the road to say extra prayers for. seriously I have been the care with you driving and I know you are a good careful driver. It's the other guy I wory about being driving to watch out for. About Valentine's day, some day you will have this wonderful your Dad and your Grandpa's who will shower you with love...AND CANDY AND FLOWERs.
Love you.

DaveO said...

Maybe I will get you a car for valentines day?